Artist Books:

1. DREAMS- an illustrated poetry book about

her own dreams. It is a hand bound and type

set and printed on a Arches Paper. It is produced on a Vandercook press and contains 6 monoprints and 6 monoprints ghosts. There is an edition of 1.

2. WINDOWS- a book of paper engineered cut outs that simulate different windows of  poetic verses about ones window to ones soul. There is an edition of 20.

3. A STONE IN THE FIELD- an epic poem beautifully written and illustrated with 14 pages, each with an illustrated watercolored verse that tells a story of 2 friends who venture together but become separated by sickness and death. They become immortalized by turning into stones in the field and happily get reunited in their ventures beyond their physical lives. There is an edition of 15.

4. BEYOND MY SHADOW OF DARKNESS- a collection of paintings and poems , whereby several poetic stories flow into colorful watercolor imagery that inspires the viewer to travel along with the painter on the paper. This  book is a work in progress.

5. LIVE TO TELL ANNABEL- a illustrated poetry story book of a maiden who suddenly decided to make art and display them to an audience  that are not so receptive to her process. and work. This book is work in progress.

Michelle Bond

produced several artist books from 1995 thru 2018.In her spare time she enjoys writing poetry and short stories.

A cover page of the book " Beyond My Shadow of Darkness is  shown here to the left.

A project in progress and can be viewed on instagram.