Her Transition, 2019, watercolor & ink 36"x32"

"HELP", ,2019, watercolor and ink 18"x24"

Transference, watercolor and ink  8.5"x11"

The Pendulum is breaking, 2019 Watercolor & ink 8.5"x 11"

An Imprint in my Mind, 2018, watercolor & ink

Speak their language and get Obtuse! Watercolor and Ink, 2019, 8.5" x 11"


Tell me a story

And I shall immerse myself in it

Show me a story and I shall tell it to the next generations and they will simmer in it.

Reading between the lines and forms and absorbing all the color creates the setting and the mood. The artist and the viewer become the characters. From each characters personality a plot is born.

What is the ending?

Find that in the painting.